The question that the element of space asks is: what is your true purpose? It is the element that is the hardest to get to grips with in terms of what it is. It is everything – because everything is in space - but it is nothing.  It is invisible, yet limitless, an intangible nothingness which is in everything and around everything. It can be seen as freedom or as our connection to faith and spirit. It teaches us a lesson about humility and learning. We are everything in our own eyes, yet we are nothing in the bigger scheme of things - a speck of dust when looked at from space. We learn to know as much as we can to be able to control and manage our environment, but the more we learn, the more we realise how little we know. We realise we are here as a result of something so much bigger than us…and we are part of that ‘something bigger’. There is a Universal Truth, which governs life as we know it – and as we don’t know it. Most mind-blowing of all - the Truth is out there, but it is also inside us. We are the Truth and we hold it’s power and it’s magic right inside us.

Space – You’re meant to be here…what is your true purpose?

The vastness of space has many valuable lessons for us. It teaches us about expansion – expanding our minds and bodies to access the limitlessness of our true being. We are more than what we have constructed in our mind. What our mind can grasp is useful, yet limited. We can exercise unimaginable creative energy when we expand fully into the space of knowledge and wisdom available to us through the Divine. The Divine is ‘out there’ and it is ‘in us’ through the element of space. We have the ability both to create the vision and execute the plan for our lives – living our true purpose. We have space and freedom to move and be ourselves - to live our own unique truth.

The bodily organs associated with the space element are the liver and the gall bladder. The energy meridians for these organs run up the inside (liver) and outside(gall bladder) of our legs, all the way up through the torso into the face (liver) and from behind the head towards the ear (gall bladder). As with the other elements, imbalances manifest in the organs themselves and speak to us through injuries, dis-ease or discomfort along any of these energy lines. 

Common physical conditions associated with an out of balance space element are all conditions reacting to the liver and gall bladder – issues in blood purification, gall stones, and some hormonal issues due to the liver activating hormones (insulin, glucogen, thyroid and sex hormones). Many many dis-eases can be traced back to problems in the liver and gall bladder due to the vast functions of the liver. Those with a Space imbalance will often experience anger management issues, be very competitive, have wild ideas, be intimidating, reckless and forever craving arousal. They are easily frustrated, appear very busy and while they crave order, can be disorganised and easily confused.  Someone with too much space energy will present as very controlling and sincerely believing they are always right. 

Balance in the space element brings the freedom of movement and flexibility both in mind and in body. There is peace in flexibility because we know beliefs can change and nothing is ever set in stone. There is a sense of certainty, which comes from knowing that you don’t know.  There is a healthy sense of direction accompanied by the ability to use initiative and take risks – because a leap of faith is so much more fun and meaningful, than recklessness! People balanced in Space have a strong sense of spirituality and their place in the Divine scheme of things.  They are often strong leaders because of all the aforementioned characteristics. 

Relaxing in the knowledge that you are part of something bigger, that you have access to infinite knowledge love and wisdom through your connection to the Divine.

There are many reasons to want to balance space so read on to find out how!


·      Standing wide legged forward bend (Prasarita Padottanasana)

·      All twisting postures and variations

·      Extended side angle pose (with bind) (Utthita Parsvakonasana)

·      Birds of paradise (Svarga Dvidasana)

·      Reverse Triangle (Parivrtta trikonasana)

·      Side plank (Vashistasana)

·      Combine with water postures – standing splits and half moon/revolved (Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana and (Parivrtta)Ardha Chandrasana)

·      Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend (Upavistha Konasana)

·      Revolved seated side stretch (Parivrtta Upavistha Konasana)

·      Meditation – space in body, space in spine between vertebrae, space between words and actions – time to reflect and choose differently

Lifestyle and Eating Habits

Balancing space goes hand in hand with cleansing and decongesting the body Sour foods help to detoxify the liver and give new life. Foods that balance space in general are wheat and barley grass, sprouts from alfalfa, mung beans, sunflower seeds, whole wheat, rye or mustard seeds. Green foods are great to balance space. These include spinach, kale, celery, asparagus, and cabbage.

The liver can become extremely congested due to excess fats, chemicals, toxins and even competitive environments. This impacts the livers functioning and while this is not easily noticed due to the liver being such a robust organ, we need to take extra care of this multifunctional organ. The liver impacts so many other organs in the body, so even though the liver might not be obviously affected, it has a very direct affect on other organs. E.g. when the liver isn’t healthy blood purification is very poor which leads to high blood pressure and heart diseases, and even skin problems. Hormonal issues can be due to poor liver functioning – clear examples of the indirect impact of poor liver functioning.

As for lifestyle tips in looking after your space, try these:

·      Meditation

·      Art therapy (creativity)

·      Dancing (bringing freedom and movement in the joints)

·      Creative and challenging projects

·      Community awareness actions (being aware of being part of something bigger – having and influence and ability to make a difference)

·      Stargazing

Create space for your spirit to thrive. Live a life of purpose.



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