We in the western world have in recent years had to acquiesce that our modern medical model does not 'heal the world' and there is much to be said for and learnt from the wisdom of ancient healing methods...such as Chinese medicine, now widely employed in western hospitals through acupuncture.

Traditional Chinese medicine use the Five Element Theory  to understand all relationships between the physiology and pathology of the human body and the natural environment in which we live. The five elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air (aka metal) and Space (aka wood) each have distinct qualities, and they are in constant interaction with each other in response to what is happening in our world.  When one or more of these elements get out of balance we experience some form of physical illness or dis-ease, which can also be emotional.  The theory is extremely complex but if we can just get our heads around the fact that our bodies, and our natural environment exist as a composition of these five elements, we know enough to begin to explore how the elements play out in our body, mind and spirit, and how we can balance elements to improve our health and quality of inner state.

It is one exiting, and very empowering journey when you become curious about how your body works, and where dis-ease stem from! Feelings of discontent and unhappiness, physical illness, allergies, injuries, mental health issues, relationship difficulties, addictions and so forth – can all be explained and healed through understanding and acting on the elemental imbalance that brought them about. Your body communicates with you through physical symptoms so you can become aware and DO something about imbalances. Listen to your body because the body knows and the body never lies!

We become amazingly powerful once we:

·      accept responsibility for listening to the messages communicated to us by our physical body to warn of imbalances, 

·      understand that our body will communicate messages and these messages will get more intense and harsh the longer we take to listen, 

·      understand most of all – that our body can heal itself.

In the five element series we will describe as simply as possible the five elements in our energy bodies:

·      their qualities, 

·      how they relate to our physical bodies, and 

·      how they manifest in balance and out of balance. 

You can then begin to identify the qualities of the elements within your own body and mind and notice where the imbalances are. We then offer you some helpful yogic, diet and lifestyle advice to bring these elements back into balance. 

Enjoy the journey of learning about and understanding the amazingly complicated yet powerful creature that you are!



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