"The heart is quiet rather than noisy, intuitive rather than deductive, lives entirely in the present, and is, at every moment accepting of reality as it is. Moreover, the heart does not seek to distance itself from, or dominate anything or anyone by labeling. 

Rather, it begins with an awareness of its relationship with the rest of creation (and everything and everyone in it),

It accepts rather than rejects, 

finding similarity rather than alienation and likeness rather than difference. 

Your heart knows no fear, it experiences no desire, 

and never finds the need to defend or justify itself. 

Unlike your mind, your heart never seeks to impose itself. 

It is patient and undemanding. It does its work with no prompting

It nourishes our bodies in every moment. 

Little wonder, then, that the mind, always impatient and very demanding, manages to dominate the heart so thoroughly unless we are vigilantly watching and making our hearts the absolute kings of our beings"

Words from Fr. Archimandrite Meletios Webber



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Since it is the heart that is the most beautiful asset we have, it has to be beautiful too. By saying beautiful, it means you have to have a pure heart and a good personality that is not selfish. No matter how perfect your physical appearance is, if you have a "not-so-good" heart you'll never be beautiful in the eyes of many. Lucky are those people who have the most beautiful asset!


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